Saturday, April 6, 2013

Wall Framing Begins

Yesterday some tangible progress was made at the house.  The 2-man crew was hard at work and managed to erect 5 or 6 wall sections.  Included are the fireplace enclosure, the entire front wall, one side of the morning room, the back of the dining room, and a small piece of one of the family room walls.  Kind of a random assortment.  Then they started to apply the housewrap to some of the walls.  Not sure why they wouldn't just do this once all the walls are up, maybe they got bored.  Everything looks pretty good so far with the exception of a big gouge in the OSB on one of the wall sections.  Of course they already covered up half of it with the house wrap, so it appears they have no intention to fix it.  We will be bringing that to the PM's attention once he is back to work on Tuesday.  It might not seem like a big deal to them, but it certainly is not something you would like to see on a brand new home costing a small fortune.  Five minutes with a circular saw and a 1 square foot scrap piece of OSB and it can be corrected.  Other than that, things are looking good.  We are excited to see the outer shell of the home progress and are hoping they put in a full day today and possibly get the first floor done.


  1. Awesome progress! You will see the structure of your house soon!

    1. Yeah we are really excited to see it go up! We actually just drove by and the first floor is almost completely framed. Stay tuned for an update later today.