Monday, April 15, 2013

Roof Trusses, Sheathing, Front Door and More

Well we were told on Thursday that the framers would be finishing up on Friday, but that didn't happen.  So we figured they would work on Saturday since the plan was to put the roof on today (Monday).  That didn't happen either.  Over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday they did not accomplish much.  Basically they put in a few windows and some housewrap and stacked the trusses on top of the second floor walls to stage them for installation.  Oh and the safety rail supports around the staircase were lagged into the floor and had 2 x 4 rails attached to them.

Today they put in a full day.  They were there past 7PM.  All of the trusses were put in place and covered with OSB sheathing.  The gable/peak detail over the center of the house was installed.  They installed the half-moon window and the slider in the morning room.  The front door/sidelights/transom, which was all one unit, was put in.  Decorative trim/crown molding was hung around the garage door opening.

So it appears that to finish up the framing crew still needs to install the decorative moldings around the front windows, add the front gable detail to the garage, install the palladium window over the 2-story foyer, finish up the housewrap, frame the soaking tub deck, and move the attic access door opening into the closet.  Most of those things may not happen until the framing punch list is completed but hopefully we can move to the next stage soon.

We have an informal walk-thru scheduled for Thursday and our pre-drywall meeting is on Monday.  At this point it is looking doubtful that the rough mechanicals will be done by then, but anything is possible...


  1. To my unprofessional eye, it looks like a lot has been done! Looks great.

  2. It definitely looks like a house now. Just noticed you got the fell porch. I really like this option. You can really create a comfortable and welcoming space with that full porch. It will be great on warm summer nights.