Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Floor Joists and First Floor Deck Complete

Despite the snow showers, bitter cold, and strong winds, the framing crew was on site working today.  They were able to finish installing the first floor joists and apply the OSB panels that make up the floor.   In addition, all of the basement windows were installed and the ladder and cap were placed over the egress window well.  Then they moved around the wall sections and staged them in the garage and over the family room to prepare for installation.  The weather is supposed to be 50 degrees and sunny tomorrow, so we are hoping they get to the job site early and put in a full day.  With any luck we should have first floor walls tomorrow.

In other exciting news, the front door, complete with sidelights and transom was delivered today, as well as the slider, more windows, and the bath tubs and shower pan.

Looking forward to nice weather for the next 3 days and lots of progress...


  1. It must be fun to see recognizable things like doors at your new home! Looks like it's going up fast now.

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