Sunday, April 7, 2013

First Floor Framing...

We took a drive by our house yesterday morning and were pleased to see a crew (4 guys) working on the framing of our first floor.  We weren't expecting to see them there on a Saturday, but we were definitely happy to see some progress on our home.  When we pulled up, they were working on putting in the windows on the front of the house.  They had both windows for the study in and one of the ones for the living room in.  The entire first floor, minus the garage and morning room was framed.  We looked for a few minutes and then decided we would return later that evening to check on the progress.

When we arrived later that evening, we were so excited to see the first floor framed!!  The morning room was done and all of the windows were in the house, except for the palladium window in the morning room!  The garage still wasn't framed but the walls are there and ready to be installed.  The basement stairs are done, although the floor still hasn't been poured, and the first half of the stairs to the second floor have been completed.

They did fix the gouge in the OSB in the dining room, but we did find one broken window; not too bad considering how many windows are in our Courtland Gate!  Hopefully, that will be fixed, soon!  

Hopefully, they will get the second floor joists in and the second floor laid before the rain comes on Tuesday!  We are really hoping that our house is completely framed with a roof by the end of the week.

Looking from the kitchen into the morning room
Looking from the kitchen into the family room, with a side fireplace 
Looking into the living room

Dining room

Front of the house

Morning room Cathedral ceilings and dining room

Back of the house


  1. It really is starting to take shape! By this time next weekend, you might have two floor and a roof!

  2. Those are the kind of surprises you can really appreciate. I really like the morning rooms with the cathedral ceilings and that beautiful arched window. It lets so much light into the space and makes that room one you really want to gather in and spend time in. If they would have offered it in the Highgrove, I would have found the $20k they wanted for a morning room. We could either get a flat roof version w/a sitting area or a shed style. Again, congrats on the progress!