Thursday, April 11, 2013

Second Floor Windows and Interior Walls

It rained heavily today and it still looks like the framers put in about half a day.  They did manage to put up what looks like all of the second floor partition walls and windows.  The window in the 2-story foyer has not yet been installed, but it needs to have an opening cut out first.  They are supposed to be done framing tomorrow, but I think it they will stretch it out until at least Saturday.

Items that still need to be completed:

  • Roof trusses and roof sheathing
  • Peak detail over garage
  • Gable end overhangs
  • Fireplace hearth
  • Possibly soaking tub deck (couldn't see upstairs)
  • Sliding glass door in morning room
  • Half-circle window in morning room
  • Front door/sidelights/transom
  • Finish housewrap and window flashing
Seems like a lot of stuff to finish in one day, but these guys are fast when they have a full crew on site.

We did receive word from our PM that the access door to the attic space above the garage will be relocated to walk-in closet.  He also told us the service door opening will need to be reframed once garage slab is poured.

As for next week, roof is supposed to be going on Monday.  Garage and basement floors will be poured on Tuesday and mechanicals will be the rest of the week and some of the following week.


  1. Can't wait to see your porch with the metal roof (wanted one but it would have been more a portico than porch for our model)!

  2. Are you guys Building in Syracuse NY?? Just wondering since you went to Pittsford to see the model.. We are there too !!

  3. Yes, Roger and Donna we are building in Syracuse! Small world!!!

  4. We built in radisson, off site build....when i was reading your blog..i feel like we looked at the exact same models and probably went to the exact same vic falls house someone was in waterhouse landing!!..are you guys in the new development going up across from the doctors offices ? We were planning on looking at the new model there for decorating tips lol!!...its a really small world! House looks good!!!