Saturday, June 8, 2013

"Pre" Pre-Settlement Walk Thru

Yesterday we toured the house.  Things are nearly complete inside.  Carpet has been installed.  Paint is mostly done, minus a few touchups.  Door and cabinet hardware is installed.  Brushed nickel shower door enclosure is in.  Cleaning has started.  The appliances are all in.  Plumbing and electrical are complete.  Things are looking pretty good, but there are several punch-list items to take care of.  For the most part they appear to be small things.

Outside there are still several things that need to be done.  The porch columns and trim need to be painted.  The decorative oval louver over the garage has been moved to the correct location, however they had to replace the siding underneath it and did not have the correct color with them, so they pulled some pieces off the side of the garage that will need to be replaced.  Grading has been started but will still need a lot of work.  They planted trees in the back.  Not really where we wanted them, but they are in.  The brick paver walkway still needs to be done and is supposed to be started soon.  Sewer vent and clean out pipes need to be cut-down to proper length.  Lawn needs to be seeded.  So there is still quite a bit to be done outdoors, but it should mostly be done by our closing date on the 19th.