Monday, April 8, 2013

Second Floor I-Joists Installed

The first floor interior partitions and exterior walls are all in place.  The garage is mostly framed out with the exception of the front wall.  The I-beam was placed on the steel columns in the garage to support the 2nd master closet and sitting area.  All of the 2nd floor I-joists appear to be installed.  Hopefully on Tuesday the 2nd floor OSB decking will be installed and maybe even some wall sections.  We are supposed to have one more day of decent weather and then rain the rest of the week so we are hoping the whole crew is there tomorrow working diligently.  They originally estimated 6 days for framing, but we are coming up on 2 weeks now.  The weather did play a role in that, but so did the framing contractor only having 2 guys there working on several occasions.  At any rate we are looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings.

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  1. So exciting! From this point, you will be amazed at how fast the process goes!