Monday, December 15, 2014


In the last post I talked about how my service request for some floor issues and the microwave exhaust vent were ignored.  A few days ago I put in another request for the same items and received a call from Ryan the next day explaining that the local HVAC company would fix the vent, and I would be hearing from the service manager regarding the floor issues.  The following day the service manager called and scheduled an appointment to fix the floor.  Then the HVAC company called and set an appointment to come take care of the vent.

Today the service manager and his assistant came and they spent about 3 hours working on the floor squeaks and leveling out the areas that were jacked up by the last guy who was out to fix it.  I am happy to report that the floor is smoothed out and any remaining squeaks/creeks are very minimal.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Service Request IGNORED

Many of you are probably familiar with the back story to this, but for those who are not I will give a brief summary.  Back around the time of our 10 month post-settlement follow up, we had several contractors in our home to correct various issues.  One of the problems we were having was lots of squeaking, creaking, and movement under the resilient flooring in the kitchen, morning room, and foyer.  So the original installer was brought in to make repairs and with him came a helper.  Well the helper stole a bunch of cash out of my wallet, which the installer did make good on, after his helper made the news for a string of local burglaries.

However, his efforts to mitigate the squeaking and creaking were mostly futile and we were left with a floor that sounded like it belonged in a 100 year old house, not one that was newly constructed.

So RH agreed to bring in a different contractor to, once again, try to make things right.  This gentleman's solution was to hammer shims in between the floor joists and the OSB sub-flooring.  Initially it appeared to eliminate most of the noise, but within a couple of weeks, lots of squeaks returned.  Not only some of the old squeaks, but some new ones as well.  In addition to all the squeaking and movement, the repair method, which raised the sub-flooring off the joists by 5/16" or more in spots, created several lumps in the floor that are readily apparent now that the OSB has settled around the shims.  Some are so large they conform to the arch of your foot when you step on them.  I've seen our guests running their foot over the floor confirming what they just felt.  Not to mention there is a lot of movement around the problem areas.  A straight edge placed over the humps rocks all over the place.

A service request for this issue was entered into the RH web site on 11/21/2014 and we have yet to hear a single thing.

At the same time we also entered in a service request for the microwave exhaust vent failing to properly close and allowing cold air to enter the home.  This was something we received a recall notice from RH for.  Something they know is a problem and they did not respond to this either.

According to their web site they will respond to all requests within 48 business hours.  It's been almost 10 days.  Apparently we are not important to them.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Rooms Remodeled

After living in our home for over a year, we have grown very tired of looking at that cheap, flat, off-white paint they spray everywhere.  So after our 1-year drywall touchup was complete we decided to start painting some rooms.  We started in the dining room.  The color scheme we chose was a bright white and pale green combination.  On the lower half of the room we added chair rail and picture frame molding.  Crown was installed around the top and we cased out the door openings for a more finished look.  We were able to obtain the exact same moldings RH uses right at our local Lowes.

Next we painted the morning room.  This is kind of a teal color.  The official name is "Duckling".  We are pretty happy with it.  One bit of advice for anybody who hasn't starting painting yet.  You will not get 400 square feet of coverage that a gallon of paint usually provides.  The thin coat of cheap, flat paint on the walls is very porous and the walls will soak the paint up like a sponge!

Stay tuned for more pics of our family room upgrades and details on our latest service request that they have completely ignored!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Latest Development on the Theft Issue

I am pleased to report that, with the help of our local service manager, who was actually our PM during construction, the flooring contractor has done the right thing and issued us a check for the amount of the pilfered cash.  It is unfortunate that this incident occurred in the first place, but I give this gentleman credit for making this situation right.  The subcontractors Ryan uses in our area all seem to be honest, hard working individuals and this man is no exception.  I will certainly let my neighbors know they do not need to worry about him.  He does nice work and is a good guy.  He just had the misfortune of trying to help somebody out who could not be trusted in this type of environment.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Update on our Theft Issue

Unfortunately RH's position on this is just for us to file a police report.  They don't seem willing to offer any help or resolution beyond providing the name and phone number of the contractor who employed the perp.  So that is very unfortunate.  We did not contract directly with this person, Ryan Homes did.  It was not our choice to bring in this particular sub, this is who they sent.  We chose Ryan because we felt it was a company we could trust to build us a decent home and utilize honest workers to achieve this goal.  We are very disappointed with the way this issue was handled by RH.  We all know that filing a police report will do absolutely nothing in regards to getting our stolen money back.  They want to place an additional burden on us which would be certainly be a futile effort.  As previously stated, we have no physical evidence linking the man to this crime.  Without that, the police could merely ask him if he stole the money.  And criminals are dishonest so he would certainly lie to the police when asked.

But wait!  This is where things get interesting.  While browsing one of our local news channel websites the other day I was greeted by a headline stating that 2 local burglars had been caught after a month-long spree.  Upon clicking the link the mugshot of one of the Ryan subcontractors popped up on the screen.  The very man who had been in our home the day the money was stolen.  Gee, is there any doubt in any lucid individual's mind that this fellow stole our money?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

10 Month Review and the Missing Money

Hello fellow bloggers.  It's been a while.  A lot has happened to us in the past year since we moved into our new home.  For the most part we have been fairly happy with our home.  While there are several issues that still persist, most of the bigger problems have been addressed.

As you all know Ryan Homes schedules a 10 month final review to address any lingering concerns or issues with the home.  We had several.  Numerous floor squeaks, a garage door that didn't seal due to a hump in the floor slab, loose shingles, waves in the roof, nail pops, sticking doors, sagging cabinet shelves, a hump in the kitchen floor, several bad seams in the kitchen floor, discolored siding, etc.

A few days after our review the flooring contractor was scheduled to come out and fix seams and eliminate the multitude of squeaks that existed due to a shoddy underlayment application.  At the same time, a tile contractor was there to fix some issues in the master bath.  The flooring sub brought a helper with him.  A younger individual who apparently was his nephew.  While the "repairs" were being attempted I was bouncing back and forth between the kitchen and the master bath.  After coming downstairs into the kitchen, where they were working, I realized I had left my wallet on the island.  I decided it would be best to move it into my office at that point.  At the time I didn't think anything of it.  The subs finished the work and left.

Fast forward to later that evening.  My wife and I had gone out to dinner at a local restaurant.  Everything was great until the check came.  I opened my wallet to pay the bill and saw that ALL of my cash--$150--was GONE!!  I was shocked and appalled!  I immediately realized what had happened.  While I was upstairs tending to the tile guy, one of the flooring contractors went into my wallet and cleaned it out.  We paid the check with a credit card and left.  I was fuming.  I felt so angry and violated.  We talked to a few family and friends.  The consensus was to report the incident to Ryan Homes.  Since this happened in my home, and not a 7-11, I did not have the benefit of reviewing surveillance camera footage.  Therefore, I had no proof.  So I neglected to do anything.

The next day I saw a couple of my neighbors outside and brought them up to speed with what had happened.  I knew they had flooring issues as well and wanted to make sure they were on the defensive when this sub came to their homes to fix their floors.  One of my neighbors, was so upset by this that he drafted and sent a letter to Ryan Homes alerting them to the problem.  Shortly after, I received a call from someone in their warranty department in Virginia.  Her response was to say she was sorry and that I should file a police report.  Well seeing as how it took the police 2 hours to arrive after my wife was involved in a hit and run accident a couple of weeks ago, I knew their response to a situation like this would not be rapid.  I cannot afford to lose half a day to play RH games.  Furthermore, without any proof or evidence, their course of action would be to ask the perp if he stole the money, which he would most certainly say he did not and that would be the end of it.  So basically RH is just passing the buck.

I just wanted to let all of the RH blogging community to be very careful when RH subs are in your home.  They will send anybody (lowest bidder) in and nothing is you have (especially cash) is safe.  Keys, credit cards, jewelry, personal info, etc should all be hidden and the contractors should be continuously monitored while in your home.  Do not let them schedule 2 different subs simultaneously or if they do make sure you have the manpower available to keep an eye on them.

Just a word of warning.  Please be careful!!  Hopefully this will help prevent any similar incidents from occurring.