Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Porch Appears and Stairway is Completed

The 2nd floor decking is installed and the top half of the stairway has been set in place.  The more exciting news is the porch roof has been framed out and decked.  The horizontal support beams are in place with temporary 2 x 4 posts holding up the structure.  Already we love the look and size of the porch.  Definitely money well spent.  In other news, more housewrap has been installed.  Now for the bad news.  It rained all last night and has been raining for a while today, with more rain forecasted for the next two days.  We got an email from the PM and he is stating that the framers will be finishing up on Friday.  Sounds highly optimistic, especially with all the rain, but who knows?  These guys get a lot done when the whole crew is there.  We took a ride by this morning and saw some additional progress. Check back tonite for more pictures and an update on the day's progress.


  1. That is exciting! It's starting to really look like a house now. :)

  2. Congrats You selected a lovely home. I am building a CG too. At first I was interested in the Jefferson, but after I saw the CG I was inlove. I meet with my PM on Friday for my Pre-Construction meeting. They plan to start construction in mid April. I am so excited.

  3. The porch before the 2nd story is cute; the framing is going well.

    I agree; the Courtland Gate is a very nice home; they just started offering it in my future community this month and I think it will be pretty popular :)