Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Roof is On

The roofers have been busy and have just about finished the roof.  It looks okay, however, several issues exist.  Unfortunately they did not run the ridge vents across the entire length of the roof.  They only installed the minimum length venting per plan, which seems somewhat inadequate given the overall size of the roof.  Since the model home in our development has the ridge vents across the entire roof, we were hoping they would do ours the same way.  No luck.

The next issue with the roof is the complete lack of aluminum drip edge on all of the rake edges of the roof.  I have never seen a roof done like this in our area.  Drip edge is like $5 for a 10' piece.  What a lousy way to save forty bucks!  Now the inch of unsupported shingles overhanging the edge will likely curl and sag over time.  We are not happy about this and have emailed our PM for a resolution.  Of course it is too late to install it easily and correctly without taking up the shingles around the edges but we'll see what happens.

Another major issue is a missing ridge vent over the morning room.  The plans specifically call for one and it is not there.  No cut out in the sheathing for it and the roof has been shingled right over where it goes.  That we discovered today so we will have to bring that one to PM's attention as well.

Finally, the step flashing that gets installed at the roof/sidewall connection between the back wall of the house and the morning room roof is missing for about 6 feet along the edge of the roof.  It's there along the top and bottom, but missing in the middle and of course all of the shingles are installed so, it's going to be difficult to get it installed correctly at this point.

So far we have been very pleased with the work of the concrete guys and the framers, but we are disappointed with the cut-rate roofing job/crew they used.  Hopefully our PM will make things right...

One other thing we noticed is a crack in the edge of our front door.  We are going to request a new door be installed.  Who wants a cracked door in a brand new house?


  1. We were also missing the flashing over our 4ft bumpout roof. We must of had the same roof contrators! Had them redo the whole thing....cant wait to see the finished product!

    1. Did you guys get a ridge vent over your morning room? We are missing that and it's clearly shown on the plans. How about drip edge on all edges of the roof? Our PM is telling us they no longer use drip edge on the rake (angled) edges of the roof. We are not pleased with the roofing contractor so far, or the roof specs. Definitely a lowest-bidder type job/company and it shows!

  2. We had so many issues .. They tried to put our counters on with a bowed wall, they embedded our masterbath tub one inch into the wall and said it was "normal".. they had contractors all over the place inside with shoes on with our hardwoods installed... they at first refused to cover them , then finally did !! they ended up replacing our foyer hardwoods because they were so scratched by the contractors. We also had a major leak in one of the bathroom pipes and it destroyed a big portion of the family room ceiling and they never called us about it, even though they had to rip out all the carpet that was installed. I want to say we have a ridge vent over our morning room, but would have to check .. When we get home I will let you guys know !! Be careful with your PM.. ours seemed a little inexperienced for a big build.

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  4. I feel sorry for your experience! That's why it is important that we hire only reliable and expert roofers. In doing so, we can be assured of quality service. Anyway, I hope that your roof installation problems were all fixed by now.