Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Second Floor Walls Up

In spite of the downpours and steady rain we had all day, the crew managed to get the second floor exterior walls up.  They also installed some of the housewrap on the second floor.  In a perfect world that probably should have waited until things were dry, but it's up now.

The main roof structure for the garage was also built and sheathing applied.  Still need to finish the front peak detail on the garage and the service door appears to need some additional work.  The opening for it is currently sitting on top of the cut out in the foundation which it should fit into.  So instead of an approximately 7' high rough opening, it's closer to 9'.  We have brought this to the PM's attention to make sure it gets framed out correctly.

The morning room roof trusses and sheathing are also done.  Still needs the half circle window and the slider installed, but other than that looks good.

One other item that we mentioned to the PM was the relocation of the attic access door that would normally be located in the master bedroom sitting area.  That seems stupid to us so we requested it be moved to the adjacent walk-in closet.  The PM stated he couldn't determine whether or not this could be moved until framing had occurred.  It is currently in the middle of the sitting area, but the wall section comes pre-fabricated so it would have to be modified on site.  It would be a very simple fix so we are hoping our wish is respected.

Progress has really ramped up over the past couple of days and we were told framing would be done on Friday, so we are anxious to see if that will be the case.  If only the weather cooperates...

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