Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pre Pre-Drywall Walkthru

Since we have not had the chance to "officially" view the inside of the house yet, we setup an informal walk-thru with our PM today.  It was nice to be able to go thru the house and see what has been done up to this point.  Let's start with the exterior.  Just about all of the preliminary exterior trim details have been completed with the exception of the trim around the palladium window and the decorative details on the gables.

The roof has been started.  Ice and water shield has been applied around the edges and the entire surface is covered with tar paper.  Due to the 40 mph winds we were experiencing today, the roofers were not able to stay up on the roof.  So hopefully tomorrow the majority of the shingles will be completed.  It's too bad it was so windy today, because otherwise it was a beautiful spring day.

When we pulled up to the house there was a flurry of activity taking place.  One of the basement windows was removed and there was a big concrete truck pumping concrete into the basement.  They were working on the floor slab.  As we were talking to the PM in the kitchen, I noticed one of the workers snapping a chalk line on the floor in the foyer in front of the door.  A few minutes later he had a circular saw and was cutting out a section of the floor.  Then the concrete truck backed up close to the door and they directed the chute over the hole in the floor.  Apparently they dump the concrete in thru a hole in the sub floor if they are pouring the basement slab after framing has taken place.  There was also a man in the garage troweling out the floor slab and tooling in the expansion joints.  My wife asked our PM if she could put our initials into the garage floor slab and he allowed her to do so.

The electrical contractor also got started today.  Several of the device and fixture boxes were installed as well as a bunch of recessed cans.  Since there are so many outlets, switches, etc in the house we plan to go thru with the electrical prints and verify the work before the drywall goes up.

Now for the bad news.  Our closing date has been pushed out 2 weeks due to the delays we have incurred so far.  Hopefully it will be sooner and definitely not any later.  We are supposed to close on our current home next week and are going to rent back from the buyer but can probably only do that for 30 days.

Our official pre-drywall meeting is scheduled for Thursday so we will probably know more then.  Here's hoping the weather stays good and the trades stay on schedule.

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  1. All kinds of different things going on there - it's really coming along.