Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pre-Construction Meeting

Hopefully tomorrow things will begin to move forward.  Our "pre-con" with the PM is scheduled for 2:00PM.  In our market we also get to meet with the electrical contractor to go over switch and outlet placement details, as well as any additional electrical items we'd like to add.  Apparently that is first on the agenda then we meet with the project manager.  Then, time and weather permitting, we will be heading out to walk the lot and observe the proposed positioning of our home on the site.

We have reviewed the electrical drawings and, for the most part, are pretty happy with the standard receptacle outlet offerings.  There are a few receptacles we want to move slightly based on proposed furniture placement and a few switches we'd like to relocate for improved functionality.  We are also hoping to have 3 of the kitchen recessed lights replaced with round ceiling boxes and blank covers to permit installation of pendant lighting over the gourmet island at a later date.

After studying the construction drawings and looking at several RH blogs, we also have a list of numerous items needing clarification we will discuss with the PM tomorrow.  There are so many aspects and details, both big and small, involved in building a house and we want to make sure we will be happy with our purchase for years to come.  We will be posting a page on the blog with specific items we are going to be asking about and will then follow up with the results.

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