Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Footings Stripped and Wall Forms Arrive

Last night we were hit with a few inches of wet snow.  That didn't stop them from stripping the wood forms from the footings and replacing the insulating blankets over them.  It didn't appear that anything was going to be done today, but by 3:30 this afternoon the truck carrying the forms had arrived and was  left parked on the site for the night.  The footing drain tile was also delivered and waiting to be installed.

We contacted the PM regarding the lack of re-bar in the footing and were told it was not installed until the walls were formed to permit the concrete blankets to cover the footings completely.  Of course now they will need to be drilled in and epoxied vs. being set in the wet concrete at the time of the pour...

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  1. Good to see they are still making some progress, even with the snow. From what I've read, after the basement is done, the framing part really flies. Look forward to following your progress.