Thursday, March 14, 2013


We have officially broken ground on our new home!  The excavator was there working bright and early.  By 11am there had been some good progress made.  The PM called to inform us about the progress taking place.  We lucked out and are going to have a gravity sewer vs. a hung sewer which comes in thru the foundation wall above the floor and would have required an ejector pit and pump to handle the basement bathroom.  Also, the PM seemed very pleased with the quality of the soil they excavated.  It looks like very fine, nice soil.  Not like the hard clay that is prevalent in the area.  Being a former farm field we were not surprised.  Should be great for growing grass, plants, trees, etc.

When the PM called this morning he stated the digging would be done today, however we visited the lot this evening and it looks like they still need to finish digging under the family room and in the garage areas.  I'm assuming these areas will be done tomorrow and then work on the footings will begin.  They did place insulating blankets on the ground where the footing is going to keep things warm.  Wish it weren't still so cold here but assuming the proper procedures are followed we should be fine.

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