Friday, March 8, 2013

Lot Walk-thru Prior to Breaking Ground

A few days after our pre-con meeting, our lot was staked out.  We met the PM at the lot today to walk around and go over a few things prior to breaking ground.  The stakes allowed us to visualize where our new home would be situated on the lot and the PM showed us the approximate property boundaries.  Luckily there are a few permanent markers to indicate the property lines.  A fire hydrant on one side, utility equipment on the other, and a chain link fence that runs along most of the rear of the property.  Our PM suggested that we drive some re-bar stakes in at the corners if we want additional permanent markers of our property.  

The official ground breaking is scheduled for Wednesday the 13th when the hole for the foundation will be dug.

We are pleased with the size of the lot and fact that it is relatively flat.  The trees around the back provide a nice buffer from the rear neighbors.  In addition, RH is going to be adding more trees and landscaping.  There should be a good natural barrier around the property for privacy.  

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