Monday, March 4, 2013

Pre-Con Follow-Up

Had our pre-construction meeting today.  Met first with the electrical contractor and were very pleased with him.  He had a lot of good ideas and suggestions.  Was very laid back and friendly, not pushy at all.  Decided to add the "future tube" which is a 1.5" PVC conduit running from basement to attic to simplify adding additional wiring in the future.  We also opted to replace 2 of our kitchen recessed lights over the island with lighting pre-wires for pendants as well as add an additional light rough-in to permit a total of 3 pendant lights to be installed over the gourmet island after settlement.  He was also nice enough to put these on their own separate switched feed at no additional charge to us.

Immediately following that we met with the sales rep, project manager, and production manager for our division.  It was informative.  We went over the entire process and a tentative schedule for the process.  We were given a tentative settlement date of June 5th, but we are hoping to be closed on it in May.  We had several questions for the PM and, for the most part, got the answers we were looking for.  There are a few items we will have to keep an eye on, but for the most part, we heard what we expected to hear.  We knew going into it that RH was not a custom home builder and that is one way they keep the costs down.  They had not staked out the lot yet so we did not walk the lot, but staking is scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday and the digging starts next week.  Looking forward to seeing some progress!!

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