Friday, March 22, 2013

Forms Removed and Foundation Exposed

Today the wall forms were removed.  The foundation is now visible.  All of the door and window openings are in place.  The porch is ready for a floor.  It appears that the basement windows, with the exception of the egress window, will all sit above grade like we requested.  Hopefully no window wells will be necessary.  We can really get a feel for the size and shape of the structure now.  There will be a lull in the action over the weekend, but on Monday the waterproofing is scheduled to take place.  Hopefully things should really start moving along quickly now.


  1. Wow you're right about where we are!!! But the snow around your way is insane!!! It's amazing how they still get the job done! Are you settling in June?

    1. We are supposed to settle on June 5th, but who knows? I think we are slightly behind schedule , but there were a lot of no-progress days and no weekends factored in, so we might still be on track. When are you supposed to close?