Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Backfilled and Electrical Work Started

Yesterday the dimpled membrane, aka "Delta-MS", was applied to the foundation walls.  This is a method of water-proofing, or "damp-proofing" as DELTA MS calls it.  The membrane is fastened at the top of the foundation walls just below grade and is draped over the footing.  Any water that gets past the membrane is supposed to trickle down the voids between the membrane and the concrete wall where it will hopefully make it way into the perimeter footing drain.  Then the egress window well was fastened to the foundation wall.  We weren't able to get over there before dark, so no pictures of that, but today a lot took place.

When I first drove by this morning, the "Stone Slinger" was back and there was an excavator back-filling the foundation.  We were pleased to see that all of the basement windows, minus the egress, will sit above the final finished grade.  This is good news to us, since we did not want window wells.

Later this afternoon, I made a second trip over to the house and saw the electrical contractors finishing up.  They were installing the meter, service conduit, and panelboard.  Apparently due to the family room side windows, the meter base could not be located on the side of the family room.  So it had to be installed next to the service door on the garage.  They ran PVC conduit from the meter base, under the garage slab, and into the basement where it will feed the panel.  It actually worked out for the best, because now the panel is located in the area of the furnace, water heater, sump pump, etc., instead of under the family room where they would have installed it.  We don't actually plan to finish under the family room, but if we do it will be nice not to have to integrate the circuit breaker panel into the space.

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