Friday, July 18, 2014

Update on our Theft Issue

Unfortunately RH's position on this is just for us to file a police report.  They don't seem willing to offer any help or resolution beyond providing the name and phone number of the contractor who employed the perp.  So that is very unfortunate.  We did not contract directly with this person, Ryan Homes did.  It was not our choice to bring in this particular sub, this is who they sent.  We chose Ryan because we felt it was a company we could trust to build us a decent home and utilize honest workers to achieve this goal.  We are very disappointed with the way this issue was handled by RH.  We all know that filing a police report will do absolutely nothing in regards to getting our stolen money back.  They want to place an additional burden on us which would be certainly be a futile effort.  As previously stated, we have no physical evidence linking the man to this crime.  Without that, the police could merely ask him if he stole the money.  And criminals are dishonest so he would certainly lie to the police when asked.

But wait!  This is where things get interesting.  While browsing one of our local news channel websites the other day I was greeted by a headline stating that 2 local burglars had been caught after a month-long spree.  Upon clicking the link the mugshot of one of the Ryan subcontractors popped up on the screen.  The very man who had been in our home the day the money was stolen.  Gee, is there any doubt in any lucid individual's mind that this fellow stole our money?


  1. Omg that is awful!! It sucks you cant get the money back but at least you think the guy that did it was possibly caught!!!

    1. Yes, that's true. At least he was caught but it still doesn't restore my faith in Ryan Homes or the sub contractors they use. Really puts a negative twist on this whole Ryan Homes new build thing. We also have some family who were seriously considering a new build with Ryan but after hearing our story it looks like that ship might have sailed.

  2. It is awful to know that thieves are allowed to roam in your house

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