Sunday, November 30, 2014

Service Request IGNORED

Many of you are probably familiar with the back story to this, but for those who are not I will give a brief summary.  Back around the time of our 10 month post-settlement follow up, we had several contractors in our home to correct various issues.  One of the problems we were having was lots of squeaking, creaking, and movement under the resilient flooring in the kitchen, morning room, and foyer.  So the original installer was brought in to make repairs and with him came a helper.  Well the helper stole a bunch of cash out of my wallet, which the installer did make good on, after his helper made the news for a string of local burglaries.

However, his efforts to mitigate the squeaking and creaking were mostly futile and we were left with a floor that sounded like it belonged in a 100 year old house, not one that was newly constructed.

So RH agreed to bring in a different contractor to, once again, try to make things right.  This gentleman's solution was to hammer shims in between the floor joists and the OSB sub-flooring.  Initially it appeared to eliminate most of the noise, but within a couple of weeks, lots of squeaks returned.  Not only some of the old squeaks, but some new ones as well.  In addition to all the squeaking and movement, the repair method, which raised the sub-flooring off the joists by 5/16" or more in spots, created several lumps in the floor that are readily apparent now that the OSB has settled around the shims.  Some are so large they conform to the arch of your foot when you step on them.  I've seen our guests running their foot over the floor confirming what they just felt.  Not to mention there is a lot of movement around the problem areas.  A straight edge placed over the humps rocks all over the place.

A service request for this issue was entered into the RH web site on 11/21/2014 and we have yet to hear a single thing.

At the same time we also entered in a service request for the microwave exhaust vent failing to properly close and allowing cold air to enter the home.  This was something we received a recall notice from RH for.  Something they know is a problem and they did not respond to this either.

According to their web site they will respond to all requests within 48 business hours.  It's been almost 10 days.  Apparently we are not important to them.


  1. Can you elaborate a little bit on the recall notice on the microwave? We've been having the same issue (and I believe we are both in Western/Central NY, right?) and even though Ryan did actually come out to try and fix it early this year, there was no real resolution. Their solution was to add essentially styrofoam to the exhaust door - this didn't work very well to begin with and has since fallen off. Our service manager told us it was a common complaint, but there was no mention of a recall notice. It's worth mentioning, too, that I had to submit that service request twice. After I noted in the new request that the first one had gone ignored, I heard from our service manager within 2 hours, apologizing and explaining that he had left me a voicemail (I only saw a missed call, but whatever) and he set up an appointment to come out right then.

    1. Maybe "recall" was not the exact wording but it was basically a letter stating that they had several reports of the kitchen exhaust vents allowing outside air to enter the home. I just spoke to the service manager today and he stated the HVAC company is the one who fixes them around here and the repair is to take down the microwave and install a second damper inside, right at the point of connection to the microwave, to prevent any cold air from leaving the ductwork and entering the microwave/kitchen.

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