Monday, February 11, 2013

Lot Selection

Once we had knew RH was building in an area we liked, we kept an eye on the development for signs of activity.  Driving past the area one day we noticed the big blue Ryan Homes sign had gone up.  And the individual lot signs were placed inside the subdivision.  We drove down the street and looked at all the various lots and settled on a couple different ones.  Later when we met with our SR to price out a Courtland Gate, we were shown a copy of the subdivision map.  All of the lot sizes and easements were indicated.  As well as the individual lot premiums.  While we originally set out to find a lot without a premium, the ones we really liked had them.  We decided that the small investment up front was well worth it to secure a nice lot on which to build our dream home.  Lot 8 it was!

Coming it at roughly 18,000 square feet and slightly irregular, lot 8 is the second largest in the subdivision and, in our opinion, the nicest.  It has a nice stand of evergreen trees behind it, courtesy of the backyard neighbor.


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