Sunday, February 10, 2013


After living in our current home for the past 3 years and looking at new homes for over a year, we have finally decided to build a Ryan Homes Courtland Gate model.  We looked at many existing homes and hadn't really thought about building until we visited a nearby model home and realized that not only did we love the floorplan and amenities offered in new homes, but it was affordable too.  We originally looked at a Bainbridge Hall model, then a Ravenna.  Our basic criteria for our new home was a first or second floor laundry, a two-story foyer, an office, living room, family room, and formal dining rooms.  Also we wanted an owner's bath that had a separate soaking tub and shower.  Oh and the shower had to be larger than 3 x 3 with a seat. Then we decided that the living room and dining room had to be connected.  I know, we are too picky, but this was going to be our "forever" home.  So given all those requirements, we narrowed it down to 2 homes.  The Jefferson and the Victoria Falls.

We originally started pricing out a Jefferson, but at the time there were a few options that were not included in the base pricing that were included in the Vic Falls.  Namely the railings and spindles on the staircase in the open foyer.  And the 9 foot ceilings on the first floor.  So then we turned our attention to the Victoria Falls.  It came standard with a beautiful "waterfall staircase" and 9' ceilings.

Since there was no Victoria Falls model in our area, our sales rep made an appointment for us to see an occupied Victoria Falls.  It was very nicely done and well optioned.  We were grateful for the owner's willingness to let us tour her lovely home.  We had settled on a house.  Or so we thought.

There is a development in our area that was started back in 2007.  It appears that they sold several lots initially, but sales dropped off almost completely and a few remained.  We picked one out and began negotiations.  At the time RH was not willing to give us exactly the pricing we desired, and we decided we would be better off waiting.  In hindsight we are glad we did.  The area was pretty remote and not much action was taking place there.  We told RH we were not ready to make a move yet and they graciously left the door open for our eventual return.

After months of weighing out the pros and cons of the various models, we went back to the Jefferson.  It was a little bit older design, but a bit more spacious.  We were willing to add the extras to put it on par with the Vic Falls.

Fast forward several months later.  We had heard news of a new RH community opening up in an area that was convenient to everything and in a good school district, but after logging on to the RH website one day, we discovered the Jefferson was no longer offered in our area.  :(

That turned our attention back to the Vic Falls.  Then we saw a new model--The Courtland Gate.  After much deliberation, we settled on the Courtland Gate.  It offered the larger size of the Jefferson with all of the amenities of the Vic Falls, and then some.  Although it was a bit more money, we decided this was our dream home and was worth paying a little extra for.  And so our journey begins.

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