Sunday, February 17, 2013

Exciting Update!!!!

Our house was on the market for one week and we received not one, but two offers!!  We accepted the higher of the two and are now waiting for a home inspection to make it official!  The buyer is being great and is allowing us to stay in our current home until our RH is done!!!!!  We really lucked out with that one.

After receiving the offer, we decided to make some changes to our RH.  We added the sitting area in the master bedroom so we could have the second walk in closet.  We also changed the cabinet in the main bath to the andover white cabinet with the black granite vanity top.  The last option we added was the side windows in both the living room and the dining room.  We think these upgrades will add something special to our new home!

We went over to our lot today with my parents to do the coveted "Sold sign picture".  It is now official! RH should be ordering our lumber within the week and we should be on the start schedule for the end of February/beginning of March.  We can't wait for the building to begin!

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